Pastors Testimonials

As a pastor, it is great to have Christian Counselors out there who are genuine and truly care for the hearts of the people they see and come alongside Pastors to minister and sincerely help people. There are so many counselors out there, but finding the right ones to trust is not that easy. I trust the counselors at Head to Heart Restoration Ministry and I am not afraid to quickly refer them. They are a great help to our ministry.

Mark Westerfield, Senior Pastor
Central Baptist Church

The counselors at Head to Heart Restoration Ministry truly care for people. I have sent several people from our church to Head to Heart and all of them have experienced breakthrough in their lives. I recommend this ministry to anyone needing Bible-based counseling.

Benito Fresquez, Senior Pastor
Freedom Church

Proverbs 11:14 says, “Where [there is] no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors [there is] safety.  Sometimes when ministering to people as the Marriage and Family Pastor of LifeAustin Church, I recognize and sense the need for the person, couple, or family to receive wisdom and counsel from another source other than me.  That is when I am thankful that I can refer them to Head to Heart Restoration Ministry.  I have met most all of the counselors there and they are a real blessing in what they do.  I have referred a number of people to Head to Heart and have heard the reports of the help and wisdom received.  Proverbs 2:7a tells us that the Lord “stores up sound wisdom for the upright.”  Head to Heart is a great “storehouse” of God’s wisdom.

Tracy Hearnsberger, Marriage and Family Pastor
LifeAustin Church

In the past ten years Life Church Cedar Park has been a part of Head to Heart Restoration Ministry. We have seen individuals restored, marriages healed, and people delivered from emotional baggage. Head to Heart has helped people experience freedom. As a pastor, we need partnerships with ministries like Head to Heart that we can send people to for healing.

Eric Mejia, Lead Pastor
Life Church Cedar Park

We are grateful for the results we see in individuals’ and families’ lives after referring them to Head to Heart. They are a great and professional partner to our church and ministry.

Daniel Elvelyck, Senior Associate Pastor
Reach Church

The counselors at Head to Heart have made a big impact on some of our people. In addition, they have helped save marriages that otherwise would have been destroyed. Thank you Head to Heart for the work you do and the lives you touch.

Stephen Galan, Associate Pastor
River Rock Bible Church