Board of Directors

Head to Heart Board of Directors Bios

Al Jones, PhD, Board Chair

Al H. Jones, PhD grew up in Austin, Texas, and became a Christian  during the Jesus movement in 1972. He met his wife Belinda at a Christian ministry located near the University of Texas. They were married in 1977. Throughout their marriage, they have experienced the love and healing power of Jesus in their marriage and personal lives.

Dr. Al is a professional, licensed, clinical pastoral counselor with advanced certification. He has training and advanced certifications in numerous areas of counseling to effectively deal with specific life issues. Dr. Al ministers out of his own experiences. He knows what it is like to struggle with depression, grow up with an alcoholic parent, and battle the hurts and wounds of the past. He has also experienced the deep love of God and the healing that comes from embracing one’s identity in Christ. Dr. Al feels blessed to have the opportunity to extend that same healing to others.

In 2005 Dr. Al established Head to Heart Restoration Ministry. He now serves as the co-director, one of the counselors, and the board of directors’ chair for Head to Heart Restoration Ministry. He is also the director and clinical supervisor for the Head to Heart School of Pastoral Counseling, which provides training and licensing credentials through the National Christian Counselors Association.

Tom Coker

Tom Coker was born and raised in the Big Thicket of Southeast Texas.  He grew up in a Christian home and attended the local Lutheran Church where he served as the president of the youth group.

During his high school years, God called him into the ministry of counseling.  Despite the calling, Tom had dreams of making it big in the business world by having his own business.  Upon graduating high school, Tom attended Concordia Lutheran College in Austin, Texas.

During his freshman year, he met his wife Kim.  They were married in 1995.  Like most marriages, Tom and Kim found out early that marriage is not easy.  They attended marriage counseling, a “Christian Counselor,” who only wanted to help them mediate a divorce rather than lead them to the healing power of Christ.   This experience soured his taste for counselors but ended up playing a wonderful part in shaping the counselor that he is today.  Despite the horrible experience of that particular counselor, Tom and Kim were able to find healing for their marriage and now have two wonderful children, Hannah and Noah.

Upon graduating from college, Tom moved to Dallas and experienced the failure of business and the success of promotion in the corporate world.  Tom’s promotion ended up moving his family to Connecticut, but after five years in the Northeast, Tom had a new business opportunity and decided that this was his chance to move his family back to Texas.  They settled on Round Rock where they still live today.  Two years into the business, the economy took a downturn and he made the difficult decision to close the doors.  It was also during this time that he and his family were struck with devastating news.  As a result, Tom began to re-examine his life and whether or not his goals were God’s goals.  After being on his knees in prayer, God reminded Tom of the calling that He put on his life as a teenager.

Tom is now a National Christian Counselors Association Licensed Pastoral Counselor and Co-Director of Head to Heart Restoration Ministries. He uses his professional training and personal life experiences to bring the healing power of Christ to those who are wounded and broken.

Colby Cotton

A resident of Austin for 21 years, Colby studied Communications at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas just outside of her hometown, Nederland.  Colby Leigh Cotton is no stranger to offering her time to the community.  Colby serves at the President for the Leander High School Project Graduation Executive board, VP for the PTSA Executive board, Treasurer for the Football Booster club and has been volunteering with Mobile Loaves & Fishes since 2009.

As a single mom since 2003, Colby recognizes the importance of teaching her boys, Dalton 19, Freshman at TSTC in Waco and Dylan 17, Senior at Leander High School how imperative it is to give of yourself and your time.

During her time as Mrs. Texas UA 2006, she had the opportunity to spend a great amount of time bringing awareness to and volunteering with many organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and Autism Society of Central Texas that personally touch the lives of those in her family; all while bringing her boys along the way.

Colby brings her unique marketing and social media skills to Head to Heart to raise awareness of the ministry to those who desire to begin their healing process through pastoral counseling.

Steve Rekedal

Steve Rekedal was born and raised in Minnesota.  He met and married his wife Mary Jo while attending the University of Minnesota.  Together they have been blessed with the birth of a son, Rick, married to Vicki, who have raised their 3 daughters in California.  Also blessing Steve and Mary Jo was the birth of their daughter, Robin, married to Steve, who have been raising their 2 daughters and 1 son while living outside of the U.S.

Steve has served as Deacon, Elder, Board Member and Chairman while attending different churches with Mary Jo in several locations within and outside the U.S.  After 40+ years vocational experience in international insurance, and numerous in-country visits with missionaries living in Asia, Eastern Europe and throughout Latin America, the Lord through several people have opened the door for them to serve as Catalysts assigned to South Asia Affinity Bloc.  An undocumented inner urging in Steve is to meet individuals and families in their cultural settings outside of the U.S.

Since before Head to Heart Restoration Ministry was conceived by Dr. Al Jones and later co-directed with Tom Cocker, I have been associated with them and their hearts for seeing followers of Jesus released to their full potential through God’s amazing love.  As a member of the board of directors, I have walked through the wonderful experiences of God’s grace ministered through them beyond the history and experiences of Head to Heart, I am a personal witness and testimony to the humility and teachability of the staff of counselors led by these two committed leaders to see the Kingdom of God come to each person who seeks their help.

Bill Lackie

The ministry of Bill Lackie has been cultivated through 40 years of position in the local church ministry and travel. Traveling nationally and internationally Bill has established churches, as well as being a keynote speaker at conferences.   His apostolic ministry has birthed vision and established God’s present truth in the heart of ministers all over the world.

He presently resides in Santa Rosa Beach, FL with his wife, LaRue.  He is an ordained and established minister under the oversight and covering of Christian International Network of Ministries. Frontline International, birthed by Bill Lackie, is a ministry established under the Christian International Apostolic Network. He currently serves on staff at Vision Church with Christian International and he and his wife are elders in the local church body.

Bill provides spiritual oversight to Head to Heart Restoration Ministry and has served on the Board of Directors since 2011.

Darcy Myers

Darcy is a recent empty-nester, business owner, seasoned volunteer, wife of 24 years and lover of Jesus! She has a passion for Head to Heart and its mission of restoration and believes strongly in the encouragement of believers to realize their full confidence and potential in Christ. Her professional background is in Sales and Marketing and she brings extensive organizational experience from leadership positions in the volunteer community. She has a B.B.A. in Marketing from Texas A&M University and is the owner of Grace Living, an interior design firm specializing in residential and commercial projects.

Eric Mejia

Born in El Salvador raised in California since the age of 2, Pastor Eric got to the great state of Texas in 2003. Pastor Eric grew up in a very loving family but didn’t come to know Jesus till the age of 19. At the age of 19 he began an amazing journey that has led to three Pastoral positions in four different states and currently is the Lead Pastor of Life Church in Cedar Park Texas. Life Church hopes to plant 10 churches in the central Texas county area that are making disciples and in turn making more disciples.

Pastor Eric met the love of his life Lea in 2000 and married her nine months later. They have two kids, Abram 14 and Grace 13. They enjoy spending lots of family time together and going to the Texas coast as often as they can. Abram plays golf and enjoys fishing, Grace plays volleyball and sings in the school choir. The Mejia’s also have dozens of young people that call them “Mom and Dad”.

As a family, they believe that living in community and discipleship is the call and DNA of their ministry. Pastor Eric partnered with Head to Heart Restoration Ministry soon after moving to Texas and have continued a very close relationship through the years. He believes everyone should have some type of counseling on their journey with Jesus.