Temperament Therapy uses biblically-based counseling principles in combination with a profile system that identify a person’s very natural (inborn temperament) rather than his/her learned behavior (mask).

Temperament Therapy was first developed and studied in the early 1980’s.
The Arno Profile System (A.P.S.) is a scientifically based temperament assessment that identifies a person’s natural processes and responses related to developing and maintaining social relationships, control within relationships, and deep emotional relationships.

The first research Temperament Therapy and A.P.S. involved 250 N.C.C.A. trained counselors/therapists and 7,403 individuals who were counseled using this particular model. The research provided the following conclusions:

  • Out of the 7,403 persons tested by 250 licensed therapists, the A.P.S. results were 95.4% accurate.
  • Out of the 7,403 persons who were counseled with Temperament Therapy, the 250 therapist reported a 95.7% success rate.